Ocean Racing, Multi OneDesign MOD 70

Ocean Racing, Multi OneDesign MOD 70


The main goal is to be a part of the Multi OneDesign circuit MOD 70 and compete in the off shore ocean races.


Steen Carstens is aiming for his next goal, the fast multihulls.


In the nineties Steen Carstens was among the best danish and european laser sailors, before he began racing on big boats. In 1996-1997 has was a part of the Innovation Kværner crew, the norwegian VO 60, who later paticipated in The Whitbread Round The World Race

After that Steen Carstens has sailed Round Europe Yacht Race on Maxi 80`s and several other big boat races in Europe.


In August 2009 he broke the official Guinness World Record in longdistance kitesurfing sailing 331 kilometers offshore from Sprogo Denmark to Lysekill in Sweden.


Pictures from Ericsson and Kosatka 2009


Steen Carstens at the helm south of the Fastnet Rock.


South of Galway


No wind, but cold on the Swedish Eastcoast

8 knots

15 knots with full main and code 0

More wind and 18-22 knots boatspeed

Finally in Ireland




Heading north in a light breeze

Steen Carstens early morning in the Atlantic Ocean

10-12 knots boatspeed upwind

The whale in the harbour